Why J&B Propane?

With experience, knowledge and first-rate customer service, J&B Propane makes it easy!

Locally operated and family owned for more than 40 years, J&B Propane stands out from the crowd for so many reasons.

We’re local. As a locally operated business, we have a personal connection to the communities we serve. This is something that you simply don’t see with national chains, and we take pride in supporting the people of College Station, Madisonville, Bryan, Montgomery and surrounding areas.

We have fair prices. When you come to J&B Propane, you can expect reasonable prices for the highest quality fuel, service and other products.

We offer personalized service.
When we come out for an estimate or work with you to figure out what heating system is right for your home, we take all factors into consideration. We’re here to review and assess your needs, and we know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

We’ll work with you to swap out your lease. Ready to move on from your old company but afraid that you’re stuck with your tank? We’re here for you!

You’ll never get a call center. When you reach out to J&B Propane, you’ll get our office—never a call center!

We’re here for you! We offer 24/7 emergency service to our customers, and regular maintenance and repairs on appliances and tanks to anyone who needs our assistance.

Contact us to find out more about J&B Propane’s products and services, and how we can best serve you!