When you fuel your modern Texas farm with propane, you’ll enjoy the many benefits that come along with it

Used by about 320,000 farms in the United States today, agricultural propane allows for reasonable, competitive fuel costs and high efficiency for your farming operation.

If you run a poultry farm and need poultry house heating, propane will provide even, efficient, clean heat to keep your chickens warm and healthy.

Picking farms are well suited to run on propane, and using this cost-effective fuel for crop drying is also a smart business move, as you’ll minimize crop loss while maximizing profit potential. In fact, at least 80% of the grain dryers in the United States run on propane due to its high-yield abilities and overall efficiency.

And you’ll be pleased with the combination of high horsepower and low emissions you’ll see from propane-powered irrigation engines.

Powering farms across Texas, as well as throughout the United States, propane is an ideal fuel option.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you fuel your agricultural operation with propane:

  • drying and ripening crops
  • keeping milking operations sanitized
  • keeping orchards warm in cold weather
  • offering effective field irrigation
  • making crop moisture control technology work for your farm
  • powering flaming equipment to ward off insects and weeds
  • powering generators
  • providing ample heat to your poultry production facilities, greenhouses, hog barns, farmhouses, water tanks and more

Portable, reliable and clean-burning, propane does not degrade and when propane is your fuel of choice, you don’t have to worry about your water or soil becoming contaminated over time. We cannot say the same for diesel or gasoline.

A low-carbon-content fuel, propane is made primarily from domestic natural gas. You’ll find it easy to keep your farm up with the times when you use bulk propane, as it’s in abundant supply.

Ultimately, propane’s versatility is what makes it ideal for your farming operation. Its portability and reliability make it easy to use—and you won’t need to rely on an energy utility for curing, heating or powering your equipment.

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