Welding Gases & Supplies

Turn to J&B Propane for all of your welding needs, from gases to supplies to equipment, and beyond

We offer bulk welding gases for projects requiring welding, cutting or the use of layers. We offer a range of tools and welding supplies for all levels of welders, from novice to seasoned professional.

We carry welding gases and supplies at our Madisonville, TX, location.

Here’s a look at just some of the welding inventory we carry at J&B Propane:

Carts and Tables: As a welder, you need a few key items to get your work done comfortably and safely. You want a setup that offers a sturdy, permanent workspace that can also be portable when you need that kind of flexibility. Here are our recommendations:

  • a good, sturdy workbench, ideally metal
  • a rolling welding cart to hold your welder and your welder bottle

Safety Equipment: Before any welding project gets underway, it’s critical that you have the proper welding safety equipment. Here’s what you need:

  • an auto-dimming welding helmet to protect your eyes and face
  • safety glasses for an additional layer of eye protection
  • welding gloves to protect your hands from the high heat
  • a respirator to prevent you from inhaling the toxic fumes that are released during the welding process

Accessories: We recommend several welding accessories to make your project as safe as possible and to make your life easier in the process. Here are our suggestions:

  • an angle grinder for cutting pieces down to size, smoothing angles and cleaning weld joints
  • welding clamps so you can line your project perfectly and keep it in place while you work
  • measuring tools to ensure your project is done accurately the first time
  • plasma cutters for cutting metal

welding gases techIf you are looking for other welding tools or accessories, our team of qualified and experienced professionals will help you get started. Our location in Madisonville, TX, is the place to go for all of your welding needs.

We know that welding can be dangerous. Using the most appropriate tools, equipment and supplies will keep you safe while also protecting those around you. We stock only the highest quality products and all of our gases and supplies are from trusted vendors and respected brands.

Come to J&B Propane, Welding Gases & Supplies to find the equipment and accessories you need. If you’re still learning the ropes and need some guidance, or are unsure of which welding gases you’ll need for an upcoming project, we can help!

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