Propane Tanks

J&B is here to serve all of your propane tank needs.

Need a New Propane Tank?
The need for a new propane tank installation can arise for a number of possible reasons. Perhaps you’ve just converted to propane and are just getting started. Or maybe you have a new furnace, water heater or fireplace. Newly constructed homes that will use propane for cooking, heating and outdoor entertaining are also top contenders for new propane tanks. And of course, if your family has grown or your usage has increased, you may need a larger propane tank to accommodate increased propane demand.

Looking for Propane Tank Repair & Maintenance?
If you’re in need of propane tank repair or maintenance, look no further than J&B Propane. Our team of well-trained, courteous professionals has the know-how and experience to service your tank no matter what the problem is. If your propane tank requires maintenance or repair, contact us today!

Want to Learn How to Read Your Tank Gauge?
Have you noticed that your tank never reads 100% full? That’s no accident. Our team can answer any questions you may have about how to read your tank gauge, so if the information we’ve provided doesn’t answer your questions, let us know what you’re wondering about!

Whether you’re renting your tank or you own it outright, it needs to stay full

Learn about our delivery options, including Keep Full and Will Call. And find out how propane appliances can improve your quality of life, whether you’ve been thinking about adding to what you already have or you are just about to convert to propane.

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