Tank Installation

Whether you buy or lease, J&B Propane can handle your propane tank installation.

Tank installations are necessary for a range of reasons. If you’re adding propane appliances like a new propane stove or heating equipment, if you’re building a new home that will have propane accessories or if you are a new J&B Propane customer, you’re probably in the market for a tank installation.

At J&B Propane, we know how important propane tank installations are, and that every last detail needs to be handled carefully and correctly. Our experienced team is equipped to get the job done right and to handle any follow-up questions or concerns that may come up.

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With personalized service across the board, J&B Propane makes your choice easy

If you’ve been leasing your propane tank and are now ready to purchase your own, we’ll make it easy to switch. Our friendly staff will evaluate what you need and help you transition from your lease to ownership. When you purchase your own tank, you’ll be positioned to purchase fuel at more reasonable prices, compared to national companies.

Whether you need an aboveground propane tank or an underground propane tank, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll help you to sign up for our Keep Full route system (aka automatic delivery).

Tank Options

We offer both DOT tanks and ASME tanks for purchase, and ASME tanks for rental as well. Contact us and we’ll be happy to come out to provide a free estimate, so we can help you determine what type and size propane tank is best for your situation.

DOT tanks meet the Department of Transportation’s standards, and they require recertification 12 years from the date of purchase, and then every five years. Sizes range from 20 lbs (the most common grill size) to 100 lbs.

ASME tanks are designed according to the standards set by the American Society of Engineers.

propane tank size

Larger Tank Sizes

  • 150-gallon propane tanks: Households that have just a few low-Btu appliances, like wall heaters, space heaters, water heaters and cooktops/ranges, may find this to be an ideal size.
  • 200- and 250-gallon propane tanks: Depending on the size of your home, 200- and 250-gallon propane tanks might be just the right size. They are also good for homes that need to fuel multiple appliances. (Aboveground and underground tanks available in 250-gallon size.)
  • 500-gallon propane tanks: This could be the ideal size tank for you if you’re heating your home with propane and also need it for appliances, ranges, fireplaces and a water heater. You may also want to consider a 500-gallon tank if you need to fuel a generator. (Aboveground and underground tanks available.)
  • 1,000-gallon propane tanks: If you own a large home that’s fully heated with propane and you use several propane appliances, a 1000-gallon propane tank is probably the most appropriate size for you. This size also accommodates generators and pool and spa heaters. (Aboveground and underground tanks available.)

Underground tanks are installed with an extra level of care to ensure your tank remains trouble-free for years to come.

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